The Boise WaterShed
River Campus

The Boise WaterShed River Campus


The River Campus presents an exhilarating new dimension to water education with exterior exhibits that show the big picture of our valley’s water resources. Designed by public artists, engineers and educators, the River Campus is a destination site!

River Campus Features and Public Art

Presented to simulate the workings of the Lower Boise Watershed, the interactive, park-like setting takes the visitor on a journey from the headwaters in our mountains, to Lucky Peak Reservoir and Dam, through Boise’s urban streets, and on to a  facsimile of the wastewater treatment plant. Children can open the Dam’s valves to control water from the reservoir and create flood or drought conditions. A flowing “Boise River” is a place for play where dams and diversions can be made. Visitors will enjoy a wetlands, two agricultural exhibits, and ultimately realize that what we do upstream affects downstream users.

An Interactive Trail provides a series of discovery play spaces. Children will weave on outdoor looms, balance on wooden “tributary streams”, create poetry with engraved river rocks, play a habitat game with giant Jenga blocks, and build shelters of sticks, logs and grasses. These experience stations will be open to the public in spring 2017.

With its beautiful series of interpretive art, the Boise WaterShed holds the largest concentration of public art in the State of Idaho.

Fluxion, by Byron Folwell

Funding for this $3.1M project came from:

The River Campus is open free on a daily basis Monday – Friday and Saturdays in the summer.

New Exhibits
Exhibits in the Works