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Exhibits In The Works

Each of the following exhibits-in-the-works needs your help. Donate now to change these engaging ideas into installed exhibits. Water education is an investment in our children’s future.

-The Heat Beneath Your Feet-
A fascinating portrayal of Boise’s direct-use geothermal system, this complex exhibit will include interactive education about the geology and technology that provides our local sustainable energy source; information about Idaho’s expansive geothermal potential; an historic photographic timeline of the geothermal development that led to Boise’s growth; and an anamorphic painting of the earth peeled away to reveal hot depths below. The painting, completed September 1, 2017 by London-based artist Joe Hill, appears 3-dimensional when viewed from a particular angle. Visitors can take their photos “teetering on the edge” of the hot abyss and share them through social media. The Heat Beneath Your Feet will provide a compelling look at a green energy source that is as old as the earth itself.

Our community is coming together to fund this amazing, highly creative exhibit. We thank our generous donors to date :
The Dallas and Alta Harris Family
Idaho Commission On The Arts
Idaho Humanities Foundation
Idaho National Laboratory
POWER Foundation
Idaho Gives individuals
Express Farms

Funding for this exhibit is not yet complete! To add your support, please call our Executive Direct, Nellie Baker 208-484-8293.

-Alternative Futures-
Through a grant from the National Science Foundation, Boise State University scientists have been exploring the future of water use, availability, and quality in the Treasure Valley. This team of researchers is developing science-based scenarios of how water resources are altered by the stressors of population growth and climate change. Their data will be transferred into our exhibit, enabling visitors to choose their future based on plausible scenarios of water resource changes. These scenarios, or alternative futures, explore narratives of changing population and climate in conjunction with types of growth and development, showing how the choices we make can directly affect the quality of life in the Treasure Valley.

-Run the Works & Treatment Explorer-
These two exhibits will have software upgrades that add different game levels for different ages, add new content, and create better running efficiency. Want an engineering career? Run the Works will give children and adults the chance to operate the Wastewater Treatment Plant in a fast-moving, game-like exhibit that creates wastewater treatment crises that need immediate solutions! Treatment Explorer will have the additions of new wastewater treatment technologies that help create a sustainable future for our valley.

Become our partner. Donate now and sustain our community for future generations.

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