New Exhibits at the
Boise WaterShed

The Exhibit Hall has been renovated to provide an enhanced visitor experience. New flooring and cloud-like sound panels provide better sound, new walls improve visitor flow, and creative messaging guides visitor experience.

New interior exhibits include:

Walking On Water
Do you know what “groundwater” is? This exhibit is designed in a child-friendly format with a     groundhog that tells tales of the water cycle, our local aquifers, and who uses the essential resource of the water we “walk on.” He gives advice about water conservation and protection and lets kids choose the future they would like to see.

Augmented Reality Sandbox
Created by the GIS wizards at the City of Boise, The AR Sandbox is a huge hit! Kids manipulate sand into mountains and valleys, watching the topographic lines change. Then they hold their hand above the box and create rain that flows from the high elevations to the low. This is a great tool to teach both topography and the the way that watersheds work.

Mercury Banner
Mercury is dangerous to human health. This banner teaches what mercury is, how it gets into our river, and how we can reduce its levels by the proper disposal of mercury-containing substances such as compact fluorescent lightbulbs and medications.