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Our Future

Water: A precious resource for life

Boise WaterShed Exhibits has launched a fundraising campaign to take water education to the next level. You, as a donor, can spread the word about how water works so we have adequate, clean resources for future generations.

Donors fund exhibits at the Boise WaterShed Environmental Education Center that teach our community about wastewater treatment, water conservation, and water protection – and why it is critical to be a steward of this natural resource.

Download our Campaign Report (Adobe PDF, 2.5MB)

Your generous gift will:
Build New Exhibits – Exhibits-In-The-Works
Support children’s educational programs

Please call Nellie Baker (208-484-8293) for more information about the work we do and the impact your donation will make, or donate now here:

Nothing is more important than water. THANK YOU!


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