Pollution and Population

Do you remember when the Boise River ran foul with pollutants? Our visionary fathers, along with tough regulations, cleaned it up so that today we can fish and raft right in the center of town.

Our challenge now is population growth and climate change.

The more people who live in one place, the higher the chance of pollution. We anticipate a population increase to 1.6 million people by 2060. You have probably already felt our demographic increase. The added infrastructure that comes with population expansion and the corresponding industry that develops are factors that increase the likelihood of pollution to both river and aquifer.

And, with climate change, we anticipate more rain and less snow. This will cause concentrated runoff that may contribute to a decline in water quality. 

The combined effort of technological advances and community education will help keep our water clean. Adequate water supplies of pristine quality mean a vibrant future for the Treasure Valley.